A Freelance UX Designer,
 Software Developer,
  & Photographer in California

Welcome To My Portfolio

My name is Payam Dowlatyari, and I am a UX Designer, Web Developer, and Photographer based in California. I studied Software Engineering at University of California, Irvine with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction. In recent years, I improved my technical and soft skills by working in academia and industry. I held positions such as tutor, research assistant, and software developer. I have the knowledge and experience of different programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and services due to incorporating in several projects involving Frontend and backend application development together with database management systems design. I launched my professional career as a freelancer in the summer of 2019.

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Make It Simple, But Significant.
Don Draper

Services and Features

UI/UX Design

Good user experience can make a real difference. I design user interfaces for you based upon UX principles by utilizing the latest technology.

Web Development

Whether you need a simple static website or dynamic application with database interaction, I can provide you with the proper tools and techniques.


In case you desire high-quality and aesthetic photos to introduce your business and promote your brand, my camera and lenses are ready to shoot.

Good design is about process, not product.
Jared Sinclair

Software Development Process

  • Frontend Design and Development

    User Interfaces are created with the knowledge of UX Design and Psychology, using graphic design software and prototyping tools like Figma, Adobe Xd, and Photoshop.

    Frontend or client-side applications are mainly developed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. In many cases using web technologies, libraries, and frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, React, Angular, etc. are preferred depending on the time, scope, and complexity of each project.

  • Backend, API, and Database Implementation

    Backend or server-side applications and APIs are implemented with Java, Python, PHP, NodeJS, and frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Express.

    In case of the need for relational database SQL and MySQL, and for non-relational or NoSQL database cross-platform document-oriented database programs like MongoDB may be a relevant option based on the scope of projects, authentication options, data structures, and human-data interactions.

  • Web Development Process

    There are several steps in web application design and development process. Although this process may vary slightly from designer to designer, the basics principles are the same and include:

    • Requirements Analysis
    • Architecture & Design
    • Implementation (Coding)
    • Testing & Debugging
    • Deployment & Maintenance
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Recent Projects

  • Portfolio Item

    Paper Browser

    Redesigned user interface and implemented extra functionality with Angular and Bootstrap

    Portfolio Item

    Virtual Hospitality

    Conducted usability testing and improved functionality with Meteor


    Designed and developed a responsive website using JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap

  • Portfolio Item

    Admin Web Portal

    Built and deployed a full-stack application with MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS

    Portfolio Item

    Color Game

    Created a simple responsive game with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap

    Portfolio Item

    4YOU Text Editor

    Developed Frontend with JavaScript, and backend with NodeJS, and MySQL database

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